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Available from 10am CET on 21th January 2020



Ticket adult

1350 DKK/€ 180


Ticket Youth

800 DKK/€ 107 (born 2007 to 2015)


Ticket child

Free (born 2016 to 2020)

Once you’ve purchased your ticket you’ll receive payment confirmation immediately, but your ticket number will be sent to you late June.





If you’re under 18 and travelling without your parents you’ll need your parents’ or guardians’ permission to join Classic Denmark so we can contact them in case of emergency. Please email your parents’/guardians’ permission to info@fjallraven.dk. You should also be able to show this when you check in.


We have two different start days; Trek 1 on 1st of July and Trek 2 on 2nd of July. Each day then has three different start groups. You should buy tickets for your preferred start date and time. Please note, that you can’t change between Trek 1 and Trek 2 once you’ve started.


We don’t offer refunds on Classic Denmark tickets. However, you can sell them or even buy sold out tickets from people not able to use their tickets. The agreement is not handled by us. It’s between the seller and the buyer.



Start groups 


Trek 1: (Starting 1st until 3rd of July)

Group 1: 9:00 am

Group 2: 9:15 am

Group 3: 9:30 am



Trek 2: (starting 2nd until 4th July)

Group 1: 9:00 am

Group 2: 9:15 am

Group 3: 9:30 am



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