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During Fjällräven Classic you sleep in your own tent that you carry along the trail. Note that after Checkpoint Kieron you enter Abisko National ParkIn the National park it is prohibited to camp, you are only allowed to camp at Nissunjåkk , 5 km before finish. You are also allowed to make camp at Abiskojaure cabins but here you need to pay the fee for camping on the private ground.


Please be aware of these rules/recommendations when camping out:

Always camp on durable surface, this includes, gravel, rock, dry grass and established campsites.

Make sure you have water access at your campsite but avoid pitching your tent on the riverbed.

Show respect to other campers.

When leaving the campsite make sure you leave it in the same way you found it – all litter you of course bring back with you to the finish line.

Please use the toilet tents at your service by the checkpoints. We are many people along the trail and by the STF cabins.

During Fjällräven Classic you are not allowed to utilize the STF cabins for sleeping.

If you want to use the Sauna at Sälka and Alesjaure you need to obtain a ticket at the Fjällräven Classic Checkpoint.

If you camp close to the STF cabins there will be a charge, 200 sek for members and 300 sek for not members (it include the sauna, toilets and kitchen).

You’re not allowed to sleep in or seek shelter in the Swedish Tourist Association’s cabins, unless it’s an emergency. You’re also not permitted to cook or borrow equipment from the cabins. However, you can decide to pitch your tent at the sites of the cabins and pay the fee (toilet, kitchen and sauna included).


Pick up a sauna ticket at the check point and you can enjoy the sauna at Sälka, Alesjaure and Abiskojaure and you can buy provisions at the cabins’ shops. You can also visit the restaurant in Kebnekaise and the café in Alesjaure.   If you don’t follow the rules regarding camping and the utilisation of the Swedish Tourist Association’s cabins you will not recieve the Fjällräven Classic medal at finish.

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