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Packing list

To get the most from Fjällräven Classic Sweden – and stay safe in nature – you need to have the right clothing and equipment. That’s why we’ve deemed some equipment mandatory. Please go through it thoroughly to see what you have and what you need to get. Don’t worry! If you forget something you can always buy it in Kiruna.  We will perform random equipment controls at the start in Nikkaluokta, just to make sure you have all the mandatory equipment.


By bringing the mandatory equipment we know that you are able to survive a forced break for a number of hours. Notify other trekkers and they will call our staff at the next checkpoint. Help will come but it may take time. With a tent, sleeping mat and a sleeping bag you will survive hours, until help arrives.

To bring with you

• Tent*

• Sleeping bag*, preferably three-season sleeping bag

• Stove* with a deep pan – good for boiling water for the freeze dried meals

• Fuel* (included in the ticket fee, don’t forget to bring a bottle if you use petrol or methylated spirit)

• Sleeping mattress*

• Map* (included in the ticket fee)

• Magnetic compass*

• Fjällräven Classic Trash Bag* (included in the ticket fee)

• Hat/beanie*

• Gloves*

• Hiking boots

• Thermal fleece/mid layer top* in down, wool or a synthetic material

• Long underpants for a dry change*

• Wind and waterproof pants*

• Wind and waterproof jacket with hood*

• First aid kit* (at least elastic bandage, blister pads, compresses and tape). It is recommended to complement the mandatory first aid kit with safety pins, butterfly stitches (skin closures), fluid replacement and pain reliever.

• 65-75lr backpack with rain protection cover

• Sun hat/cap

• Hiking socks, preferably in wool

• Underwear in wool or in a synthetic material

• A change of shoes or flip flops/sandals to give your feet a break

• Hiking trousers, a pair that can be unzipped to become shorts are ideal – it does get warm up there sometimes

• T-shirt

• Hiking poles

• Matches and/or lighter

• Dish cloth

• Small towel

• Water bottle, minimum 0.5lt

• Small knife with scissors or a multi-tool

• Toiletries

• Toilet paper (not “wet wipes”)

• Head torch

• Sunglasses

Important to know

For safety reasons we have a list of mandatory equipment. During Fjällräven Classic Sweden you are resposible for your own safety. If you for some reason have to stay longer at one spot than you have planned in advance, the mandatory items are necessary for your own safety. Thus, it is very important that you have your personal gear. However, some of the items in the list may be shared with your fellow trekkers if you’re hiking in a group. If you are sharing equipment, it is very important that you stay together during the hike.   Items that may be shared between participants: • Tent • Stove and fuel • Magnetic compass • First aid kit   If you lack any item of the mandatory equipment you are not allowed to start in Fjällräven Classic Sweden.   At the start in Nikkaluokta we will randomly check that parti­cipitants have their mandatory equipment. If you lack some item you have the possibility to complete your equipment in Nikkaluokta (very limited selection) or Kiruna.


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